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The Power


The Power

Playing on our universal fear of the dark, a chilling supernatural thriller by BAFTA nominated director Corinna Faith, in the vein of The Woman In Black and The Others.

London - the long, hard Winter of 1974. As striking miners switch off the power across Britain, rolling electrical blackouts plunge the country into darkness. Val, a young nurse on her first day of duty, is forced to work the night shift in a crumbling hospital.

When most of the patients and staff are evacuated to another hospital across town, Val finds herself in a near empty building, enveloped by a sinister darkness. Within these walls lies a deadly secret and a terrifying presence. Now Val must face her own traumatic past and deepest fears to confront the malevolent force intent on destroying them all.

  • Directed by Corinna Faith
  • Air Street Films / Stigma Films

Feature Film, premiering on SHUDDER in 2021

Merciless...An efficient screw-tightener with a feminist slant.
The Guardian

Indie Wire

Intensely atmospheric. There's a dark, enticing world at play in the Stygian gloom of a rambling Victorian-era East End hospital at night which will be a calling card for Faith and her players.
Screen International

Beautifully shot by Laura Bellingham...Effectively, hauntingly captivating.
Mark Kermode

Incredibly accomplished.
British Cinematographer

The opening hour deploys all cinematic elements in an utterly thrilling and compelling way. Cinematographer Laura Bellingham draws every ounce of creepiness from the dreary Edwardian aesthetic that chills the viewer from the moment the blackout begins. The Power raises Faith and Bellingham as a dynamic duo of the horror genre, leaving viewers relishing the prospect of future work with them in charge.
The Upcoming

Working with ace cinematographer Laura Bellingham, Faith emphasizes the large, cavernous spaces of the hospital wards with distant doorways and windows that become visual focal points, always suggesting some unknown, off-screen space, and carves out claustrophobic inserts using closets and glassed-in work stations.
In Review

The Power is a sincere, thematically rich debut from an exciting filmmaker, with a breakout performance from Rose Williams, who fully commits herself emotionally and physically to this character, guaranteeing that this is a ghost story that will stick with you.
Awards Radar

The Power is a masterclass of the contemporary feminist horror film, a movie that simultaneously looks back at the past to tell us urgent, important, and, yes, some extremely uncomfortable truths about our present.
Film International


"DARK FORCE" The Power is featured in British Cinematographer